Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy



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I make my dogs food. There is a lot of conflicting 'information' about feeding dogs; prey model, BARF, RAW etc. I personally go for 'Natural Rearing' style of feeding as per Juliette de Bairacli Levy but with 'Country of Origin' adjustments. I call it 'scavenger model' ;)


Main ingredients:

Raw (including bones) chicken, lamb tripe, lamb, pork, pilchards and other fish, lambs heart, chicken, pork or lambs liver and eggs. I rarely feed beef as it seems to cause 'hot spots'.

Rice (pref whole grain), cooked potatoes with skin or even just the peelings, various vegetables; both root and green leafy.


Variety ingredients:

Yogurt, ground almonds, coconut oil, olive oil, herbs and certain spices, pearl barley, porridge oats, apples in season, black treacle, seaweed... I rarely feed wheat, like beef it seems to cause food intolerances in Estrelas.


Complete food.


Avoid wheat, beef, soya and sugar beet as ingredients.


Do change foods periodically. As long as you switch gradually, your dog's stomache should be fine. There is less chance of your doing suffering a deficiency if you swap occasionally from say a chicken and rice food, to a potato and fish food.from a different manufacturer who uses different 'supplements' in the food.


Brands I have used and would suggest:



Arden Grange

Royal Canin


These brands use realtively good quality ingredients, are easy to get hold of and my dogs all enjoyed eating them.