Estrela Breeder

DOB: 05/08/2002 Hips: 4/4
Heart: TBA



Clerafora Lucena of Drimbea

Congo da Quinta da Cerdeira of Clerafora (imp. Prt.) x Faidros Xereza É Castanha


Food obsessed gobmonster - would rob banks if people kept their sausages in there.

Luna is an Estrela Mountain Dog with a fair amount of working lines rather than show champions and I feel this shows in her great intelligence and robust good health.

She is a discerning guard dog, as an Estrela Mountain dog should be, but has also proved herself a useful beaters dog, putting her sharp senses to work finding birds instead of predators!


Bred by Hugh and Sylvia Cox (Clerafora affix) whose Estrela Mountain dogs first started my love for the breed. I will never forget the first visit, seeing so many gorgeous Estrelas; handsome yellow Fozzy, sweet red Kira... and then these two fiery black demons, exploded from a hedge, went haring, hell for leather, accross the garden, wrestling and spinning around, before dissappearing behind the house. I had always wanted the 'white monster' Pyrenean 'Belle' from 'Belle and Sebastion' - but these were even better! Those were the dog's I wanted to take home. They were Luna's mum and uncle; Xereza and Xerifé. When Sylvia said she was intending to breed 'Reza the next year and would put my name down for a pup, I was over the moon. I joined the Estrela Mountain Dog Association and started to prepare for - currently eleven - years of mayhem and the best dog in the world.